Magic Vines #01 – The Moving Deck

Magic Vine Videos

Last year I started making magic Vines. Vines are 6 second long clips which play on a loop. For me they began as a bit of a way to pass the time, a way to incorporate 2 of my great loves, video & magic. What started as a bit of an experiment, a way to pass the time & get the old brain cells back in motion soon became quite addictive when the views shot up to over 60,000 in a few short months. There are some really great magic Vines out there, some use entirely CGI, some are magicians performing an effect to camera. I wanted to blend magic, editing, music, visual effects & some storytelling, a difficult thing to accomplish in a 6 second clip. I’m not sure the BAFTA is in the post but for something which started with being curious about a stop motion app one night it’s ok. When I set the camera up I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do but it seemed to turn out alright & kind of gives the suggestion of magic playing cards having a mind of their own.

Here’s the first one I made using an app called imotion. iMotion is an app made by the clever people at Fingerlab. It’s a stop motion application which makes it really easy to use & perfect for creating magic Vines like this. The music is from Mr Benn, the kids animated programme from the 70’s & 80’s. Not bad for a first attempt shot entirely on an iPhone 6 with no special lighting although there’s a couple of things I’d change about it. Feel free to like & share although I must confess, when I’m performing close up magic, believe me, the magician does all the work.

When I get chance I’ll post the other magic Vines on this blog although if you do use Vine you can find them here already. Some of them are themed for various holidays so I’ll save them for next time around.

Magic Vines 01

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