TV Show

Russ Appleby & his team have created the first UK Magic show for local tv. In episode one Russ takes his magic to the streets of Sheffield & performs amazing magic to members of the public who wow in amazement. This is close up magic live on the streets with no stooges, actors, CGI or budget. Russ is a professional close up magician performing in the UK & abroad. This street magic show was shot on a Halloween weekend using 2 cameras, edited by Russ & a friend (Col). Unlike major tv magic shows this did not have a team of magicians working behind the scenes contributing ideas, tricks & helping set things up. We hope you like it. Russ can be contacted using the below: Use hashtag #smartmagic
This is the first stand alone magic show made specifically for local tv. If you would like to air this show on your local tv channel & wow your viewers with stunning close up magic you can get in touch here.


“Seriously, how are you doing this?”
Jude Law.

“I tell you what, the only person better with his hands was Maradona.”
Peter Shilton.

“Just amazing, I can't really say anything else, I'm still speachless.”
Bryan Robson