Pickpocket Magician

Russ is a master pickpocket & fuses this skill with magic to create a unique experience for you & your guests. As a contemporary magical pickpocket Russ blends the world of magic with street pickpocketing in a distinctive way which has to be seen to be believed! Wallets, phones, keys, watches & even ties are not safe from his quick fingers but don't worry, everything is USUALLY given back to cries of laughter & amazement. Check him out on Facebook & get in touch here to hire the professional magical pickpocket Russ Appleby.

"How the f**k did you get my tie!.”
"How the hell did you do that?”
"It's not even possible!”
"Jesus, what else have you nicked?"

The Honest Pickpocket

Russ is not your average magician. He's managed to fuse magic, misdirection, NLP, game theory, psychology, classic street cons & pickpocketing to create a unique form of entertainment. Your guests will be in awe & hysterics as Russ takes objects from the pockets of male guests to create some really fantastic photo opportunities. As your magical pickpocket, Russ messes with the minds of your guests & under the guise of magic he manages to take everything they have & more!. As your pickpocket entertainer Russ will wow everyone with his quick wit & original performance style proving he's one of the worlds greatest thieves. All this makes him the ideal choice if you are looking to hire a pickpocket.

Russ will steal:-

* Phones
* Watches
* Wallets
* Keys
* Glasses
* Hipflasks
* Handkerchieves
* And even ties from around their necks!

The Gentleman Thief

With his stealthy skills Russ has seamlessly blended the art of pickpocketing with mind blowing magic for an unforgettable performance, watch closely or lose it all! A master in the art of thievery he weaves intrigue, laughter & amazement for an unforgettable experience. And with his mischievous charm he'll leave you happy you've been mugged, a feeling you never thought you'd have. This kind of entertainment is perfect for bringing people together & breaking the ice at all kinds of functions.

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Magical Pickpocket Comments

“No idea... absolutely no idea! ”

“You just don't think it could ever happen to you!”

“Just insane ability used to glorious effect.”