Trick Shot – Magic Snooker Vine Videos

Snooker Trick Shot Magic Vines

Growing up in Sheffield means 3 things:

1: You have to pick football a team, Wednesday or United. Those with any sense choose Wednesday who are with no uncertainty, the greatest team the world has ever seen.

2: Henderson’s Relish goes on or in any food possible to take a regular meal to greater heights.

3: Snooker is in your blood.

As a kid one of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor with a plastic snooker set pretending to be Tony Meo whilst the adults watch the World Championships live from The Crucible Theatre Sheffield.

The BBC sport coverage of the snooker world championships is one of the greatest live broadcasts around today. It’s not just a sporting fixture but an event in itself. Over the last few weeks the BBC take over the Winter Gardens in Sheffield town centre & the Crucible Theatre where they broadcast excellent coverage of the snooker. The red button service provides live feeds for all the matches with expert analysis, commentary, punditry & presenting for the whole tournament. The public are encouraged to take part not just online using the hashtag #bbcsnooker but also at the Winter Gardens where they can take part in snooker activities behind the presenters.

Snooker Trick Shot Magic Vines

In honour of this I make a couple of snooker trick shot magic Vines which I shared on the #bbcsnooker feed. The fruin one came about whilst eating berries & enjoying the BBC sport coverage.

It was all done in the Vine app with sound effect & music added. I used the BBC snooker title music ending (originally Drag Racer by The Doug Wood Band) although it has since been updated & remixed.


The vanishing red ball which reappears in the iPhone & is pulled out of the phone was shot on an iPad & editing in the Videoshop iPhone app. It’s a great app which allows basic editing but also the ability to crop to a square (the frame size for Vines). It also allows for music to be added as well as sound effects & filters which makes it perfect for short Vine videos.

This video uses the start of the BBC snooker title music & the Videoshop app helped me create a nice trick shot snooker magic video in just under an hour. I also found a use for my childhood snooker table which has been stood in my spare room for the last few years. I hope you enjoyed my snooker trick shot magic Vines.

Snooker Trick Shot Magic Vines

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